About APC-Colombia

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Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Mission and our dream

Mission: APC­Colombia’s main objective is to manage, guide and provide technical coordination for the public, private, technical and financial non refundable international cooperation received and granted by the country; as well as executing, managing, and  giving support to directing and managing resources, programs and projects for international cooperation according to foreign policy goals and the National development plan.


Our dream: in 2018 APC-Colombia expects to increase the benefit obtained by Colombian society and international as a result of the implementation of the Roadmap of the International Cooperation from Colombia 2015-2018, according to country’s priority.

Director’s profile


Sergio Londoño Zurek
General Director


He assumed the directorship of the Presidential Agency for International Cooperation of Colombia, APC-Colombia on February 16th of 2017.

He is a political scientist with emphasis in international relations from the Javeriana University. Additionally, he holds a specialization in government and public management from EAN University and completed post baccalaureate studies in democracy and international relations at Columbia University.

His background and work experience in government matters have established him as an expert in multilateralism, bilateral relationships, and political and commercial relations among States and organizations. His expertise as a political scientist and internationalist has enabled him to understand current global affairs and develop skills in conflict resolution and international cooperation.

He is particularly interested in fostering partnerships between the public and private sectors to insert dynamism in international cooperation, boosting Colombia’s competitiveness and positioning overseas.

Before joining APC-Colombia, he worked as an adviser for President Juan Manuel Santos. Previous work experience includes entities such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia and Cartagena’s Chamber of Commerce.