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Territorio Avanza

Territorio Avanza

Territorio Avanza is the working proposal of APC­-Colombia in order to promote international cooperation from and for Colombian territories.

Territorio Avanza identified four services with different territorial approach:

a) Coordination and articulation of the parties.

b) Knowledge exchange

c) Capabilities development.

d) Strengthen the territorial management of International cooperation.


Furthermore, each service includes a variety of tools, from which we can emphasize Col-Col Cooperation, gather information from development experiences, grants and short courses in favor to increase the benefit received and granted for the country in local areas from International cooperation.

Finally, services and tools are developed thanks to inter-institutional agreements with national, local authorities, civil society organizations, international cooperating, and businesses with a wide experience in relevant territorial subjects such as peace buildings, entrepreneurship and environment sustainability; moreover they can count on the long lasting presence and social legitimacy in several regions and sub-regions in the country.

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