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Non - Oficial Fonts

Non-Oficial Fonts (FNO), contrary to Oficial ones1, are all those parties from private and social sectors which promote economic growth, social development and environmenteal sustainability for all citizens. In this point, non-oficial investment sector contributes to reduce poverty and promotes development not only in an economic scale but also in a social and environmental dimension2.

Although the parties ecosystem is wide and diverse, each font answers to the logical action of APC-­Colombia, wich is divided in two categories:

  • The first one refers to private sector, know as well as the second sector which the part of the economy responsible for making profit of their activity and it is not controlled by the State. This is an important stakeholder with an important presence and influence in the development of the country, due to its capability to generate wealth, job opportunities and social welfare.
  • The second one is the civil society, well known as third sector. It´s formed by non-benefit organisations, social foundations, as well as academy, cooperatives, solidarity-based enterprises; which complete the public actions with social purposes.

1 Oficial sources, divided in bilateral and multilateral, is the oficial cooperation that offers a country, organism or multilateral bank in the ODA framework.
2 Millenium development goals and the private sector. PNUD­ Colombia y Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.