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APC­-Colombia role in SDGs

APC­-Colombia role in SDGs

Sustainable development goals are a group of global purposes around eradication of poverty, protection of the planet and the assurance of global prosperity. SDGs are part of a new sustainable development agenda agreeded by Nations for the next 15 years and in order to fulfill them, it’s necessary the effort and participation of governments, private sector and civil society.

Colombia’s role was essential to define SDGs and the Sustainable Development Agenda for 2030.

Since 2011, our country is promoting the idea of creating innovative and changing objectives with a global impact in order to encourage the Union of Nations with a common purpose to achieve a sustainable development in an international level. Colombia’s dues and contributions were really important in 2015 to stablish  the new Development Agenta named “ Changing our world: The Agenda 2030 for the Sustainable Development”, from the United Nations.

Colombia is seriously compromised with the implementation of the Sustainable development goals. In fact, Colombia was the first country in formulating its National Development Plan (PND) with a SDGs approach.

In the same way, our country was a pioneer in the establishment of an institutional structure for the effective implementation of the ODS in the territory: The Interinstitutional Commission of High level for the enlistment and effective implementation in the Development Agenda and theirs SDGs.

APC­-Colombia is an active party of this institutional architecture, and as an authority of the National government that technically coordinates international cooperation, works to align interests, articulate actors, and to leverage resources from international cooperation referring to SDGs

In this regard, the Agency is responsible for the following activities:

Identify North-South, South-South and Col-Col Coopertion opportunities, to complete technical and financial efforts in  a national and local level to implement the SDGs

Promote Private Sector involvement in different initiatives and projects in order to strengthen the implementation of the SDGs in the territories, fulfillin the 17th objective “Alliances to obtain the Sustainable development goals.

Document good practices for the Sustainable local development “Know How Colombia” which are related to the Sustainable development Agenda 2030.

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